Tiktok is a platform much like Instagram with social likes, shares and comments.

PLACING THE PROMO LINK: You can ONLY place your offer link via your BIO.

PLACING PROMO CODE ON POST: One way to expose your discount code is by adding your PROMO CODE right on your post for example: “Get Extra 10% OFF by visiting www.buywow.com and enter “YOURCODE” at checkout!”

TIP: With Tiktok creativity is important, so plan your post in such a way that it is creative, viral, and shareable. Use music that is trending. Use popular hashtags that resonates to your post. The sky is the limit!

Don’t forget to mention/tag us @wowskinscience and these important hasghtags: #wowskinscience #wowatwalmart #wowskinsciencepartner #wowskinscienceambassador and other relevant hashtags you want to add to your post.

Remember the more relevant hashtags, the more chances your Tiktok post gets searched/noticed on Tiktok platform.

Here are other popular hashtags that we suggest you use.
BEST HAIR CARE/HAIR RELATED HASHTAGS: haircare, barber, hair, hairstyle, hairtransformation, haircut, curlyhair, haircolor, hairdye, hairtutorials, hairgrowth, hairchallenge, naturalhair, hairchange, hairlove, hairtransplant, hairgoals, newhair,hairtips, hairhack,hairvideos, decadesofhair, hairs, hairholiday, hairextensions, hairy, hairlook, tiktokhair, hairloss, hairstylist, hairartist, hairdresser, badhairday, myhair, curlinghair, hairbun, brownhair, wethair, hairsaloon, redhair, pinkhair, bluehair, hairflip, hairart, king_cosmo_hair_expert, blackhair, hairhacks, hairremoval, blondehair, wighair, hairstyles, rainbowhair, purplehair, haircolour, hairsalon, messyhair, curlyhairtutorial, curlyhaircheck, greenhair, mermaidhair, hairmask, straighthair, curlyhairroutine, humanhair, hairgoal, wavyhair, haircolorchange, colorhair, hairlover, haircolorchallenge, curlyhairproblems, dyinghair, cutmyhair, afrohair, hairaccessories, hairpatch, blondhair, orangehair, greyhair, crazyhair, coloredhair, redhairgirl, splithair, lovemyhair, shampoo, bestshampoo, shampoochallenge, frizzyhair

BEST BEAUTY/SKIN/SKIN CARE RELATED HASHTAGS: beautytips, homebeautytips, quickbeautytips, skincare, skincareroutine, skincaretips, skincarecheck, skincarechallenge, skincareproducts, koreanskincare, asmrskincare, skincarehacks, skincaretutorial, skincareaddict, skincaretip, skincareadvice, skintok,beauty, beautyhacks, beautyroutine, beautychallenge, beautygirl, beautyguru, beautymode, beautyreview, beautyhaul, kbeauty, beautytip, beautyls, beautyqueen, hudabeauty, beautyessentials, diybeauty, beautydoc, beautybomb, beautymirror, winterbeautytips, facecare, facewash, facemasks, facemassage, makeuphacks, makeuptips, makeuptutorial, makeuptip, lightskin, acneskin, glowingskin, youthfulskincheck, clearskin, skincare101, fairskin, skintips, skinglow, oilyskin, dryskin, skinfade, myskinandme, breakoutskin, sephora, antiaging, darkspots, toner, nightroutine, nightroutineskincare, blemishes, blemish, antiblemish, blemishtreatment, blemishremover, acne, acnetreatment, acnecheck, acnescars, acnetips, acnejourney, acnehelp

Here are good examples of Tiktok Posts from our influencers for inspirations:

Link: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeMxdrka
Link: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeMuuJnq/
Link: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeM2wJa7/

BASIC Tiktok Post Structure TO Follow:

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