We will reward you $25 by letting us boost your Tiktok WOW Skin Science Video post for 30 days through paid ads! This will benefit you as well by gaining more likes/shares and followers/fans as a Tiktok influencer!

First we need you to follow these steps to allow us boost your video post. Read below and make sure to follow clearly the instructions.


In order for us to boost your video through Tiktok ads, you will have to grant authorization by sending us a unique video code from your Tiktok account.

 Getting Ad Authorization (as shown below)

A. From your Tiktok profile page tap the 3 dot in the top-right corner.

B. Tap ‘Settings and Privacy’, then tap ‘Privacy and safety’. 

C. Then switch/toggle ‘Ad authorization’ ON.


Select Your WOW Skin Science Video to promote
A. Select the video, tap on the 3 dots, Send/Share links will slide up and show options (as shown below)
B. Tap the “Ad Settings” button


Agree to to Advertise Terms & Conditions (as shown below)

A. Toggle/Switch “Allow advertisers to promote this video” to active/ON. Review The Terms and Conditions popup and tap “OK”.
B. Tap/Check the “I have read and agree to the Advertising Terms of Service”


Select an Authorization Period and get the Video Code (as shown below)

A. Tap “Generate Code” and choose 30 days as your Authorization Period.
B. Tap “Authorize” button to grant authorization.


Copy your video code and save it (as shown below). This video code is important and you will send this code to us so we can boost your post on Tiktok ads.

How to send us Tiktok video code and claim $25 reward:

Step 1: Contact Us by clicking here

Step 2: Choose Tiktok Boost Reward as the Subject.

Step 3: On the message box please include your Tiktok Video Code then hit SUBMIT.

Step 4: Your assigned outreach manager will review your claim. Once approved, you will be notified by our outreach manager and $25 reward will be added to your commissions. If it’s not approved, you will be notified by outreach manager via email for corrections or reasons of disapproval.


When your video gets boosted with paid ads, it’s best practice to mention your promo code on that Tiktok Video post along with @wowskinscience and important hashtags: #wowatwalmart #wowskinscience #ad . It will help you get sales commission as long as you mention your code on your post. Here’s an example below from one of our Tiktok influencers.

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