What is a Paid Collab?

Paid collab is for established WOW Skin Science influencers who have met requirements:

You give us access to your Facebook Page (a Community/Fan page that is officially yours NOT a Facebook profile page). Once given us access we pay you a monthly retainer fee of $100/month that met the basic requirements above. We will run your own content to promote WOW Skin Science products. The better your content, the better it sells! So make sure you have high quality content that pushes our product. So getting paid per month + your sale commissions going into your account. All we ask is your cooperation with our influencer outreach managers so we can smoothly run your content as ads through your pages.

How do you get access to my Facebook page?

Once you submit your Facebook page to us. We will review if it meets our requirements then let you know the next steps. It will be a fairly straightforward process and it requires you to do the necessary steps through your desktop or laptop computer. All Facebook page access request will be coming from our business name: WOW Skin Science.

What are best practices to be successful in terms of sales with paid collab?

Below will give you few ideas to be successful on your ads:

Create unique and engaging content: Your content needs to be engaging, NOT boring. Just a picture of you holding the product would be boring enough to sell our product. You need to basically follow the Do’s and Don’ts or if you have unique content ideas feel free to execute and let your manager know about your new content. One video is not enough as well, you need to create variation of videos for our internal team to test which converts the most sales.

Be Proactive: WOW Skin Science pushes promotions 2-3x a month – then take advantage of creating content for that specific promotion/event. Say if WOW Skin Science pushes Black Friday or Thanks Giving Promotion – then create a content that talks about Black Friday or Thanks Giving.
Or if there are new content trends that is viral – try to innovate your content – dicuss with your manager that you will be creating that trending content. In short always find ways to communicate with your manager and get the best out of your content.

Do you use my promotional link or code when you create ads?

Absolutely. We use your Facebook page to promote your own content and your promo code. So all sales you generate comes to you. We do the promotional work for you at our expense. You sit back and provide us quality content – we will do the advertising. 🙂

Any existing paid collab ad example you can share?

Absolutely. Please look at these examples below. Each images are linked to their respective Facebook posts.
Castor Oil Ad

Onion Shampoo and Conditioner Ad

Argan Shampoo and Conditioner Ad

Do you also boost Tiktok content?

Definitely! We will boost your Tiktok content and bring in potential sales commission to your pocket. Please make sure that you follow the Do’s and Don’ts guidelines.

For more questions, please don’t hesitate your account managers – we are help to help!

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