WOW Skin Science: Content Creator Guidelines, Best Practises, Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Briefly explain/show what your WOW Skin Science Product does and why you use it: 
    1. WOW Skin Science product provides users with confidence and peace of mind with healthier hair or skin or wellness for less. WOW Skin Science products are natural and cruelty-free and can be purchased online at, Amazon, or in-store at Walmart. 
      1. You do not have to include every detail about the product but rather, creatively share the value of it and the benefits of them, outlined below.
      2. You can do this through voice over, talk in front of camera, text overlays, or a combination of both.
  2. Explain/show what’s unique about your WOW Skin Science product:
  1. Free of harsh chemicals
  2. Sulfate free, Paraben free, Silicon free
  3. For Hair Products: Supports healthier, thicker hair etc  (see product benefits to learn more)
    For Skin Products: Supports healthier skin etc (see product benefits to learn more)
  4. Smells amazing
  5. Use the money you’d save from expensive treatments and put it towards family, loved ones, and towards using eco friendly products
  6. Easier and safer on the environment to use all natural products/more eco friendly

Do’s and Don’ts: 



Remember, show how good the product and how it helped you with your hair or skin issues. Don’t expect SALES by JUST showing clips of holding the product WITHOUT using, explaining benefits or talking about it. Use the latest trends or check what other top influencers do when they do viral videos. There is a reason why fans/followers like or follow you, show them what is valuable/helpful/entertaining and sales will come in naturally.

“Nobody watches ads. People watch what entertains them. Sometimes it’s an ad.” — Howard Gossage

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